Long Duk Dong Set For Rock N’ Roll Marathon

Finding the motivation to get out there and actually do some exercise can be tough. People tend to make excuses about not having the time, the weather being all wrong or even worse that they simply find exercise boring. The thought of running a marathon is probably too much to bear for most people – the Rock N’ Roll Marathon is changing all that.

It’s took a couple of years to get going but the Rock N’ Roll Marathon is fast becoming one the most successful not to mention fun way of running a half marathon. The marathon is unique as live rock bands line the route of the course helping runners banish any motivation issues while at the same time entertaining the spectators. With dates all over the United States and Europe finding a Rock N’ Roll Marathon should not be difficult. The upcoming Philadelphia Rock N’ Roll Marathon in mid September is definitely worth checking out. Long Duk Dong’s website states they are one of the bands set to play in Philadelphia. The Scott Tucker fronted band is growing in popularity on the East Coast and are gaining a loyal fan base.

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